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I got my first Newfoundland in 1979 from Brunhaus kennels.  Over the next few years I got two more dogs from Carol and Verne, one of which (Rosey) went on to become my foundation female.  Rosey wasn’t destined for the show ring but her gentle disposition, health and structure were the start of Nordic Mist Newfoundlands.   I’ve had some blacks but mostly Landseers over the years. Sixteen years ago I imported a brown girl from Vercordia/Thatch Roof Kennel.  That was the start of our browns...I show my dogs but I don’t feel that showing is everything.  My dogs are part of the family and live in the house.  Thusly, temperament is very important to me as is health, structure/movement and of course type.  I keep my dogs after they’re done showing and breeding so I tend to go in cycles with my dogs.  When I have a litter, it is because I want to keep a puppy from that breeding.  I try very hard to place the right puppy with the right home so I must get to know you before I will sell you a puppy.  I have some exciting things coming up so check back often.

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Christine Fusaro

Cell Phone:  (509) 994-5885




Newfoundland Club of America - since 1981

Spokane Dog Training Club

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